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Yayla Kombi Beyaz Peynir (Boreklik Kombi Cheese) 800g

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Cheese types, which have a wide variety, are among the indispensable foods in world cuisines. In the Mediterranean diet, hard cheese types added to salads together with greens increase the nutritional value of salads and provide health benefits. Meltable options, which are among the most delicious London Turkish market cheese varieties, are frequently preferred especially in oven recipes. The meltable varieties, which are used extensively in pastries such as pizza, hamburger, toast and pasta, add a more delicious taste to the recipes. Hard-fried alternatives, one of the most delicious types of cheese, are indispensable for breakfasts and appetizers.

Yayla Combi Feta Cheese 800g

When one thinks of pastry, the first thing that comes to mind is cheese. Cheese options are more preferred in many pastries such as borek, pastry or pancake, both made at home and ready-made from outside. You can prepare delicious tastes for your loved ones with this London Turkish market food, which is in perfect harmony with pasta varieties.

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Melek Nur Erkoç
Böreklik kombi cheese

A very soft and delicious cheese. Also the packaging was very successful.

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