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Yayla Erzincan Soft Cheese with Black Cumin %50 Fat (Corek Otlu Tulum Peyniri) 500 Gr

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Erzincan Tulum Cheese, which is identified with Erzincan and whose geographical sign belongs to Erzincan, which is famous all over Turkey and even the world, always gets full marks. And it has formed a perfect union with tea. Sometimes Kemah's walnut, sometimes Cimin's grape or Erzincan's local Turkish market tomatoes accompany this trio on our tables.

Erzincan Type Tulum Cheese with Black Cumin 500G

The secret of Erzincan Tulum Cheese, which has a special place on our palates, is undoubtedly the contribution of the Akkaraman sheep, which feeds the plants grown in the plateaus of Erzincan at an altitude of 2-3 thousand meters and shares that aroma with their milk. But the Kemah salt used in the fermentation, the syrup and, of course, the calloused hands that produce this excellent taste and bring it to our tables. You can consume this Turkish market product healthily with your family and loved ones.

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