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Yayla 10% Fat Yogurt (Suzme) 1 Kg

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Varieties prepared by straining, called pouch or bag yoghurt, are healthy foods that are frequently used in kitchens. You can use these nutrients in the preparation of almost all kinds of dishes. Thanks to natural cheapest supermarket strained yoghurts, you can increase the vitamin, mineral and protein values of your meals. You can obtain soft-consistent foods with these yogurts in the preparation of pastries such as pastries or pastries, and you can also use them in bread making.

Yayla 10% Strained Yogurt 1 Kg

You can benefit from the perfect harmony of yoghurt and garlic in making ravioli, frying or appetizers. It is possible to prepare your meals quickly thanks to the ready-made garlic strained yogurts produced for this purpose. You can get help from cheapest supermarket strained yoghurts, which are natural vitamin and mineral stores, to care for your skin and hair at home. The prices of yoghurt in a pouch are suitable for all budgets. You can examine the products of the best strained yogurt brands and order the product in the weight you need.


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