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Uludag Orange (Portakal) Gazoz 6*250 ml

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Due to the delivery restrictions, you can order up to 3 multipacks of 6 bottles of Gazoz in each order.

Legendary Uludag Orange Soda, which has been offering a different flavour alternative for those who love the Legendary Uludag Soda product since 2012, now continues to meet its consumers in its brand new thin London Turkish market box!

Uludag Orange Soda 6*250 ml

We produce Legendary Uludag Orange Soda, which contains 4% orange juice concentrate, with a refreshing and delicious orange flavour, in 250 ml glass bottles, 330 ml metal cans, 1 litre, 1.5 litre and 2.5 litre pet bottles. Enjoy this delicious, refreshing and healthy beverage. Enjoy the wonderful taste by sharing it with your family, loved ones and close friends. You can easily order the Uludag Orange Soda 6*250 g product that we have offered for sale right now. This London Turkish market product is delivered to our customers in 6 bottles in 250 grams. We wish everyone a pleasant shopping at Best Grocery.

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