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Ulker Extra Milk Chocolate 60 gr

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Ulker is one of the leading companies in the food industry both in our country and in the world. Of course, it is also very assertive when it comes to chocolate, and Ulker Milk Chocolate has almost become identified with the brand. This best supermarket product, which is sold in packages at Best Grocery internet store, can be consumed by the whole family whenever and wherever you want.

Ulker Extra Milk Chocolate 60 g

We should note that it is especially preferred with Turkish Coffee. In addition, when you are bored, a piece of Ulker Milk Chocolate will lift your spirits. In terms of caloric value, we should note that there are approximately 54 calories in 10 grams. You can easily order this magnificent chocolate, which does not lose its flavour until the last day and is sold in the best supermarket chocolate category, at special prices from the Bestgrocery.co.uk internet store, whenever you want.

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