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Tamek Cooked White Beans Can (Fasulye Pilaki) 400 G

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The Soups and Ready Meals section, which is among the food and meal materials, also hosts the 400 gr product of Tamek Cooked White Beans Can. The product is very practical and has a taste that will provide you convenience when you do not have time. You must consume and serve the product as soon as you open it. Known for its nutritious feature, Tamek Cooked White Beans can be prepared anytime, anywhere as a practical solution. In this way, you will save both time and the hassle of preparing your food. This best grocery stores product, which is suitable for Turkish taste, has been prepared with a combination of carefully selected materials.

Tamek Cooked White Beans Can 400 G

Tamek Cooked White Beans Can is presented to you in 400 gr glass jars and then takes its place in your kitchens. Take care to store the jar in an odourless, moisture-free and dry place away from sunlight. You can easily access the best grocery stores product with one click and add it to your cart. Your bean pilaf will be delivered to your address as soon as possible after the necessary packaging process.

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