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Tadim Roasted & Extra Salted Black Sunflower Seeds (Ekstra Tuzlu Kavrulmus Aycekirdegi) 270g

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If you say “I like sunflower seeds, I like the black ones more, but my favourite is the black one with lots of salt”, Tadim Black Sunflower Seed with Extra Salted is for you. We meticulously select black best supermarket sunflower seeds, which have been grown in the fertile lands of Anatolia for centuries, and which you cannot put down once you taste it, among the products grown with care and effort.

Tadim Roasted & Extra Salted Black Sunflower Seeds (Kavrulmus Aycekirdegi) 270g

It packs by controlling the size, taste, salt and moisture ratios of each bean that has passed the tests and analyses in tasting quality; for decades, we have been carrying Tadim Black Roasted & Extra Salted Sunflower Seeds, which is always fresh, to your home to accompany your happy moments, pleasant meetings and the most beautiful conversations. Best supermarket sunflower seeds don't run out right away like most snacks, they last for days, weeks and always go well in summer, winter, day or night, at home, on the street, alone or with your loved ones. It will be a great choice next to a well-brewed tea or your favourite fizzy drink chilled with ice. The choice is yours!

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