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Tadim Pistachio Bar (Fistikli Bar) 30g

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Tadim with Pistachio contains 60% of nuts and dried fruit. It is 100% natural Turkish grocery product. It's filling and quenches your hunger. You can carry it outside, between meetings, before sports, in children's lunchboxes whenever you feel hungry, and meet your body's need for sweets.

Tadim Pistachio Bar 30g

Suppressing the feeling of hunger that appears during the day has never been so delicious! A perfect recommendation for those who want baklava! The "Nuts Bar", whose popularity has increased in parallel with the increasing healthy eating trend in recent years, has turned into one of our enjoyable habits. Tadim Pistachio Nuts Bar, where Turkish grocery dried fruits and Pistachios come together with Tadim quality, is one of the flavours that stand out among the nut bars! Pistachio Nuts Bar, which has a high nutritional value and stands out with its taste, is always with you at any time of the day. It will be your most delicious supporter when you are hungry in a busy working day, when you need motivation while studying, when you spend in the car during the day, when you have snacks that you do not want to miss or when you just crave something sweet. Natural Nuts Bar, which contains 63% Pistachio and dried fruit, is perfect to appease your hunger with taste with its satisfying feature.

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