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Sutas White Cheese (Beyaz Peynir) 700 G

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Sütaş White Cheese 700 G is rich in calcium, protein, minerals and vitamins that the body needs daily with its fresh milk flavour and rich nutritional values. It is a healthy and delicious cheapest supermarket choice for everyone in the family. You can enjoy this healthy product with your family and loved ones. Now we bring the most healthy and high quality products to your tables. It is up to you to taste it with health and taste.

Sütaş White Cheese 700 G

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow′s milk, salt, cheese starter culture, rennet. The milk fat ratio in the dry matter is at least 45%.

Sütaş White Cheese 700 G, one of the most delicious products in our online departments, is offered for sale in its box with a lid. Thanks to its box, it provides convenience for you to keep it fresh for a long time. This product, which is preferred by large families, can be enjoyed for breakfast and snacks thanks to its nutritious feature. This product can be easily used in the kitchens of many businesses that offer snacks such as cafes, canteens and buffets, allowing you to offer delicious flavours to your customers. This product, which is in the category of white cheese, can be consumed plain for breakfast and also finds a place for itself as a flavour adder in many recipes. Since it is oily, you can easily use it in pastry and pastry varieties, which are home-made cheapest supermarket delicacies. This product, which you can eat between meals by making cold sandwiches, is also one of the most preferred foods in sofa making. In this way, you can make delicious presentations to your guests.


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charlotte thirsk
Sutas White Cheese (Beyaz)

I tried this cheese as the receipe stated Turkish White Cheese but did not say which one. I wasn't disappointed the Cheese is a bit like feta but far better, creamy and salty at the same time, I would highly recommend it, cooked beautifully in a fish stew.

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