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Sutas White Cheese (Beyaz Peynir) 700 G

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Sutas White Cheese (Beyaz Peynir) 700 G

The flavour that starts the day fresh! Sutas fresh white cheese, produced with 100% natural Sutas milk, offers a taste pleasing to Turkish palate with its delicious milk taste and rich nutrient content. It is rich in calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins, and it is a healthy, delicious choice for everyone in the family. Traditional Turkish white cheese that you have been missing


Pasteurized cow′s milk, salt, cheese starter culture, rennet. The milk fat ratio in the dry matter is at least 45%.

Nutritive Value

Energy and Nutrients for 100g

Energy (kJ & kcal) 847/ 204
Milk Fat (g) 16
Saturated Fat (g) 17,6
Carbonhydrate (g) 4
Protein (g) 11
Calcium (mg) 340