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Sutas Triangle Cheese (Ucgen Peynir) 8*15 G

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Sütaş Triangle Cheese, indispensable for breakfast, snacks, especially bagels, is with you! Thanks to its practical packaging that can be carried easily and opened easily, it offers an ideal cheapest supermarket snack pleasure for both children and adults on the road, at school or in the office.

Sütaş Triangle Cheese 8*15 G

Ingredients: Cheese, cow's milk, emulsifying salts (polyphosphates), Thickening agent (carrageenan - seaweed extract), colorant (cayenne pepper extract), table salt.

Sütaş Triangle Cheese is produced from the fresh milk and cheese of Sütaş Farm. It is made ready for consumption by giving triangular shapes. The shelf life of Sütaş Triangle Cheese is 1 year. It should be stored in its package in the refrigerator (+4°C). Sütaş Triangle Cheese is a source of protein and calcium. 100 grams of Sütaş Triangle Cheese meets 62% of the daily calcium need and 26% of the protein need of adults. The taste of Sütaş Triangle Cheese comes from the fact that it is produced from 100% Sütaş cheapest supermarket cheeses with Sütaş mastery and expertise.

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