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Sutas Triangle Cheese (Ucgen Peynir) 8*15 G

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Sutas Triangle Cheese  (Ucgen Peynir) 8*15 G

Sutas Processed Triangular Cheese is essential at breakfast, with snacks and especially with bagels. Its perfect consistency and soft taste gives joy to everyone. Convenient packaging makes it the perfect for both children and adults, on the road, at school or office.


Cheese, skimmed milk powder, Emulsifying salts (sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, polyphosphates), stabilizers (locust bean extract, alginate and carrageenan), colorant (paprika extract), sorbic acid.

100 g meets 62 % of recommended daily calcium intake

Nutritive Value 

Energy and Nutrients for 100g 

Energy value (kj/kcal) 790 / 190
Carbohydrate (g) 3
Milk Fat (g) 14
Protein (g) 13
Calcium (mg) 500