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Sutas Ultra Filtrated White Cheese (Sutas Suzme Peynir) 250 gr

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You can easily consume this healthy product for breakfast and other meals with your family, friends and loved ones. We are now offering the Sütaş brand, one of Turkey's famous brands, for sale in our Turkish market for our valued customers.

Sutas UF (Ultra Filtrated) White Cheese (Sutas Suzme Peynir) 250 g

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow′s milk, salt, cheese starter culture, rennet. The milk fat ratio in the dry matter is at least 45%.

Sütaş Süzme UF (Ultra Filtrated) White Cheese is consumed with appetite at every meal with its soft taste and consistency that melts in the mouth. Sütaş Süzme UF, produced with Sütaş mastery and expertise, is indispensable for tables with its smooth texture and high nutritional value. It suits all tastes; the whole family can enjoy this Turkish market cheese together. Sütaş Süzme UF White Cheese, sliced in a special package for Sütaş, is at your fingertips at any time of the day, from breakfast to salad.

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