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Sutas Labaneh (Labne Peynir) 180 G

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Sütaş Labaneh is amazing with its flavour and legendary lightness! Now we are bringing together famous Turkish brands for our valued customers. You will consume cheapest supermarket product healthily with your loved ones.

Sütaş Labaneh 200 G

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, starter culture, salt.

Sütaş brought together the flavour of cheese and the lightness of yoghurt at Sütaş Labaneh. It accompanies your entire main and snack meals with its unique light taste and soft consistency, giving pleasure with its taste. With its natural cheapest supermarket flavour and light taste, it can be consumed alone or in daily recipes, while adding flavour to the tables, with its soft and creamy structure, it can be easily spread on bread. With its practical and stylish packaging, it is easily placed in the refrigerator and ensures its freshness with the click sound when closing and opening.

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