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Sohbet Cig Kofte Urfa Vegan 340 G

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Raw meatballs, which have become one of the indispensable tastes of Turkish cuisine and whose consumption is becoming more and more widespread, is a dish that can be consumed by almost everyone, whether they are vegan or not. It has made everyone love it, from those who ate London Turkish market raw meatballs with lots of lemon, pomegranate syrup, ice-cold buttermilk and lavash. Although it is a bit laborious to make, its delicious taste leaves the effort in the background.

Sohbet Raw Meatballs Vegan 340 G

Legumes, cereals, vegetables and fruits are frequently consumed in vegan diet. At the same time, foods such as hummus and falafel are among the foods that are both delicious and suitable for a vegan diet. In addition to these, vegetable dishes with olive oil, various vegetables and legumes cooked in the oven are often preferred. For vegan individuals, it is possible to make many meatless varieties of raw meatballs. Vegan London Turkish market raw meatballs made with various ingredients such as potatoes, quinoa and lentils instead of meat do not differ in taste from the meat ones.

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