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Seyidoglu Mulberry Molasses (Dut Pekmezi) 400g

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It is protective against diseases, thanks to its ability to increase and strengthen body resistance and the resistance of the immune system. It cleans the liver, opens the vessels, and balances blood pressure. In the disease stage, it accelerates the healing process. You can safely consume this cheapest supermarket product with your family and loved ones. We offer you organic and untouched medicinal products that you cannot find anywhere else.

Seyidoglu Mulberry Molasses 400g

With a history of 70 years, Seyidoglu Food has made many innovations with its more than 300 product types, especially halva, jam, tahini molasses and cocoa cream, and is one of the leading brands of the sector preferred by the consumers with its taste and quality. Today, it has grown rapidly and has become a preferred cheapest supermarket brand in Turkey and in the world. This adventure, which started with 150 kilos of halva production per day, has been continuing by producing 40 tons of halvah, 60 tons of jam, 30 tons of cocoa hazelnut cream and 20 tons of tahini-molasses in its facilities with an indoor area of 8 thousand square meters in Istanbul Hadimkoy since 2005.

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