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Sekeroglu Kaffka Coffee (Menengic Coffee) 150 g

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Produced from the fruits of the terebinth tree, a tree species similar to pistachios, Terebinth Coffee leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth with its impressive scent, aromatic taste and soft drink. It is obtained by roasting and grinding the fruits collected from this tree, which grows in the mountainous regions of our London Turkish market country. It is the choice of those who want to experience a different taste with its woody and spicy taste.

Sekeroglu Kurdish Coffee with Milk (Menengic Coffee) 150 g

Menengic Coffee, also known colloquially as Citlembik, Cedene, Citlik, is also known for leaving a pistachio taste in the mouth. Produced from the most naturally obtained green terebinth seeds, Terebinth Coffee is a preferred coffee because it does not contain caffeine and is decaffeinated. It is good for respiratory diseases, it has the feature of opening breath, being good for cough and soothing the chest. It also has a stomach-soothing and digestion-facilitating effect with the substances it contains. It is also rich in vitamins B and E. It is also beneficial for the skin with the vitamins it contains. You can order Sekeroglu powdered London Turkish market terebinth coffee in 150 Gr, 250 Gr and 1000 Gr forms, or if you wish, you can examine Sekeroglu terebinth coffee varieties or our other coffee varieties.

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