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Saygin Turkish Tahini (Yerli Tahin) 300 g

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Reputable Native Whole Sesame Tahini; It is obtained from wholemeal, shelled, oven-dried, pressed, native sesame seeds. The sesame seeds used in the production of Saygin Whole Wheat Tahini are grown without GMO, pesticides and fertilization. Whole-wheat tahini is produced using traditional Turkish market methods, ground in a stone mill and presented in 500 g glass jars. It is carefully stored at low temperature so that it does not lose its nutritional values. Reputable Native Whole Sesame Tahini is gluten-free and vegan.

Saygin Native Whole Tahini 300 g

Sesame seeds are first washed and filtered in large pools. Then it is roasted with great skill over a wood fire in the oven inside the mill. When the sesame seeds are fully tempered, they are crushed with stones in the water mill to obtain Turkish market tahini. Water Mill Whole Tahini is produced without separating the sesame seeds from the bran.

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