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Saygin Tuzluklu Kaya Tuzu (Rock Salt) 250g

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Salt, which occurs spontaneously in nature and is very important for human health, has many types. Although it is in our language in a figurative sense, its main agenda is to give flavour to food. The recipes are divided into four basic flavours: sour, sweet, bitter and salty. Salt can be used in all recipes by varying the amount. It is known that a little salt is put in sweets. The use of iodized, non-iodized and brine varieties in kitchens is quite common. Salt is collected from lakes or underground deposits. It is refined and offered for use. Iodine is then added to the product known as cheapest supermarket table salt. Iodine consumption is important for the human body to stay healthy. The product is offered for sale ready to use.

Saygin Rock Salt with Salt Shaker 250g

Salt is very important for all living things and it is expected to be taken into the body in the required amount daily. Each type of salt has different uses and benefits. The most common type of salt is undoubtedly table salt. There are two types, iodized and non-iodized. Salt does not contain iodine in its natural form, but it is later included in the cheapest supermarket food. Rock salt is extracted from underground in solid and large pieces. It is offered for use in its most natural form without any treatment, so it is seen as the cleanest salt sources. It is used to store food naturally. Himalayan salt is a type of salt with different colours mined from the Pakistan region. It has a sharper flavour than table salt. You can dissolve the product in water and drink it or add it to your bath water.

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