Saygin African Sesame Whole Tahini (Afrika Susamli Tahin) 300 g — Best Grocery
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Saygin African Sesame Whole Tahini (Afrika Susamli Tahin) 300 g

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Saygin Whole Sesame Tahini; It is obtained from wholemeal, shelled, roasted, pressed, imported sesame seeds. The sesame seeds used in the production of Saygin Whole Wheat Tahini are grown without GMO, pesticides and fertilization. Whole-wheat best supermarket tahini is produced using traditional methods, ground in a stone mill and presented in 500 g glass jars. It is carefully stored at low temperature so that it does not lose its nutritional values. Saygin Whole Sesame Tahini is gluten-free and vegan.

Saygin African Sesame Whole Tahini 300 g

Sesame is a plant native to Africa. Sesame cultivation is carried out in the warm regions of Turkey and in Asia. There are many seeds inside the capsule fruits of the plant. It is used on bagels, donuts. Sesame is also the main ingredient of tahini Sesame oil is a pale yellow, odourless, liquid. This oil makes up half of the seeds. Sprinkle sesame on top of the cakes. In addition, sesame seeds are crushed to obtain tahini. The amount of oil of best supermarket sesame used in making tahini is higher than other sesame seeds. This type of sesame is roasted in pans for a long time. Tahini is ground on millstones after sesame is roasted. For this reason, one of the factors affecting the quality of tahini is millstones. When a fine grinding cannot be achieved from the stones, a structure containing large and small pieces is formed.

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