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Saygin Poset Kaya Tuzu (Rock Salt) 500g

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Rock salt is like a natural mineral ore. According to scientists, there are 92 different elements that our body needs to take regularly, but there are 84 of these 92 different minerals in rock salt. It can also be seen in rock salt analysis reports that best grocery stores rock salts are an ideal nutrient to meet the body's mineral needs. In case of mineral deficiency, the immune system will weaken, as the body cannot perform its function fully.

Saygin  Rock Salt Sachet 500g

It is unrefined rock salt without additives, iodine added, and produced in Saygin Facilities. The content of rock salt is rich in minerals. There are 92 elements and minerals in the human body; rock salt contains 84 of these elements and minerals. Refined salts, due to exposure to high temperatures during the refining process, deteriorate their chemical structure and lose their valuable minerals. Saygin Crystal Rock Salt; you can consume it as edible rock salt or best grocery stores pickled rock salt on your tables with peace of mind.

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