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Saygin Date Molasses (Hurma Pekmezi) 400 g

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Date molasses is a type of molasses that you can prefer especially in winter or when you are tired. Good for constipation, protection against cancer types and benefiting from anaemia are among the benefits of palm molasses. Like the benefits of Turkish market dates, date molasses also provides benefits for various diseases.

Saygin Date Molasses 400 g

Date molasses is one of the foods that has been used for treatment against epidemics and colds, especially in winter months, since ancient times. In general, the benefits of dates are also valid for date molasses. However, it is a very effective Turkish market food for some diseases. It is used to get instant results especially in colds. Date molasses increases energy and prevents cold in winter. Since it has the feature of accelerating the blood, it has the feature of warming the body. Date molasses is very good for those who are hungry all day, especially during Ramadan. It helps to collect the lost energy in a short time. It helps keep brain cells healthy and keeps the mind clear. It opens the bronchi and provides relief in asthma attacks. It is effective against dry cough and expectorant. It relieves sore throat and pain caused by inflammation. It has protective properties for some diseases. The most important of these is cancer. It reduces the risk of developing cancer.

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