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Saygin Mulberry Molasses (Dut Pekmezi) 400 g

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Mulberry molasses; It has been started to be made with the aim of using mulberry for a longer time and preserving the nutritional cream in it. This London Turkish market molasses made with natural sugar without added sugar; meets the body's sweet needs naturally. Mulberry molasses, which is highly preferred in Central Asia and Turkish cuisine; it is also used instead of sugar in many desserts in Ottoman cuisine. In addition to being very beneficial for health, it is often included in natural medicines prepared because it has a very high nutritional value.

Saygin Mulberry Molasses 400 g

Mulberry molasses has an appetizing feature. The minerals in it cause this. It is a food added to the diet list of those who go to a dietitian to gain weight. It is also used for those who want a balanced diet. However, it is not possible to see mulberry molasses in the diet lists of those who want to lose weight. If it is necessary to answer the question of whether London Turkish market mulberry molasses makes you gain weight; As a result of excessive consumption, individuals tend to gain weight. Therefore, instead of using mulberry molasses plain during the day for those with weight problems; it is more recommended to use it by mixing a very small amount into the sweets it eats or the tea he drinks. However, since it has high nutritional values, it should be included in the foods to be consumed with measure.

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