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Saygin Degirmen Karabiber - Seramik Ogutuculu (Black Pepper Whole with Ceramic Mill) 50 g

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Black pepper has many uses. It has been consumed for many years. It is used in the kitchen and food industry, especially in meat and bakery Turkish market products, seasoning products and vegetable, chicken and fish soups, as well as vegetables, soft drinks, sauces, olive oil and meat stuffed pickles, salads, eggs and confectionery. Saygin Grain Black Pepper adds flavour to meals. Saygin grain pepper mill is offered for sale in a lidded package. It can be refilled.

Saygin Whole Black Pepper with Ceramic Mill 50 g

Before harvest, the aroma of the plant is expected to grow until it reaches the most saturated level. Saygin Baharat carefully selects the most suitable raw materials for product standards. While processing the raw material in the factory; Special production processing systems are used to preserve its aroma, naturalness and freshness. The products of the Turkish market are produced with advanced technology without human touch. The most accurate packaging is determined for spice storage conditions. In this way, the products retain their freshness for a long time without losing their aroma. It reaches your table fresh.

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