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Saygin Degirmen Cesnibiber - Seramik Ogutuculu (Seasoning Whole with Ceramic Mill) 50 g

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Saygin Mixed Grain Pepper, in which the grain forms of various peppers are found in dried form, is a special spice that will be the favourite of those who love it with its intense London Turkish market pepper flavour. Inside; black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, pink pepper and red pepper.

Saygin Seasoning Whole with Ceramic Mill 50 g

It can be used in meat and chicken sautés, oven dishes, pot dishes. It is also very suitable for vegetable and legumes dishes. Mixed peppers can be used in all kinds of dishes, sauces and soups that you want to achieve an intense hot and peppery taste. It is possible to evaluate this magnificent London Turkish market mixture, each in ball form and containing pink pepper, in a particularly decorative and functional position. After roasting the meat, chicken and vegetables for a while, you can add the peppers and fry for a short time. Likewise, it is recommended to add it towards the end of the roasting phase of your rice. If it is cooked for a long time, it may cause negative results in terms of colour, texture and taste. Since it contains colourful and aesthetic spices such as pink pepper and red pepper, it can serve a decorative function with its use in salads and sauces.

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