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Sarikiz Mineral Water 6*250Ml

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Due to the delivery restrictions, you can order up to 3 multipacks of 6 bottles of mineral water in each order.

Mineral water, beverage known as soda. Soda, sparkling water or carbonated water; water with carbon dioxide gas dissolved in it. It is the main ingredient of most soft Turkish market drinks.

Sarikiz Mineral Water 6*250 ml

Sarikiz, which started to be completely renovated since 2007 and increased its production capacity with its facilities equipped with today's most modern technologies, has also carried out a remarkable work on modernization. With the construction of a new facility with the capacity to produce on a very large scale in addition to the existing factory, Sarikiz has been renewed at many physical points from its label to its bottle. This is the quality that suits Sarikiz, which has brought a different perspective to the miracle of Turkish market mineral water and has not been missing from our tables for 1 century with the innovation projects it has developed. Sarikiz Mineral Water continues its progress towards the market leadership with its understanding that does not compromise on modern production and quality, and continues to represent our country abroad.


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