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Sarikiz Mineral Water Lemon 6*200Ml Glass Bottle

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Due to the delivery restrictions, you can order up to 3 multipacks of 6 bottles of mineral water in each order.

Your vitamin C supplement always meets you in Sarikiz Vitamin C Mineral Water. You can share this healthy best grocery stores drink with your family, loved ones and close friends. Prefer it as a refreshing drink for sweltering moments as well as hot summer days.

Sarikiz Mineral Water Lemon 6*200 ml Glass Bottle

When we look at the product content, the first 3 rows are; we see that there is natural mineral water, sugar and carbon dioxide. In this form, the product contains 8.5 gr in 100 ml. Table sugar is added. There is no starch-based sugar or sweetener in the best grocery stores product, except for table sugar. We said that the product also has a natural lemon flavour. The lemon taste and smell in the product is due to this aroma. The product also contains the addition of vitamin C. It also contains Ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C as an antioxidant. Accordingly, the product is 60 mg in 100 ml. While it contains vitamin C, this rate increases to 120 mg in a single bottle. This corresponds to almost twice the daily requirement.

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