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Piyale Wheat Flour (Un) 1 Kg

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Piyale Wheat Flour 2 Kg, which is a powdery substance obtained by grinding plants such as wheat, is among the basic foodstuffs. It is used from bread making to Turkish market dessert and cooking. Piyale Wheat Flour 1 Kg is a product that you can use in meals such as bread or pastries, soups in addition to desserts. In addition to being suitable for making baklava and pastries, fish, mushrooms, potatoes with special sauce, etc. It can also be used for frying foods.

Piyale Wheat Flour 1 Kg

While most of us prefer ready-made bakery products in daily life, many of us want to make it ourselves at home and believe that it is tastier and more beautiful, and we consume it with intimacy. The taste of Anatolian woman's hand is also different. Here we will explain now, Piyale Wheat Flour, which is the title of our review, is the main ingredient and the leading actor of all these Turkish market homemade products we want to make. Piyale brand is a very old brand.

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