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Pamir Wet Wipes Extra Soft & Sensitive 90gr

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"Pamir Extra Soft Wet Wipes" refers to the type of wet wipes that aim to provide soft and sensitive cleaning. These types of wet wipes usually contain skin-friendly ingredients and are preferred by those with sensitive skin, for baby care or general cleaning purposes. Wet wipes marked "Extra Soft" may have been produced to provide a softer texture and gentle cleaning to the skin. Since London Turkish market wet wipes are generally portable, they are suitable for use during travel, outdoor activities or for daily cleaning needs.

Pamir Wet Wipes Extra Soft & Sensitive 90g

If you are looking for information on a specific brand or product name, I can provide more specific information if you specify the brand name. Otherwise, in general, the expression "Extra Soft Wet Wipes" refers to the London Turkish market wet wipe types available under a wide range of products, especially suitable for sensitive skin. You can access all products under the Pamir brand name and place an order on our website

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