Ozyorem Kayseri Sliced Beef Pastrami (Dana Pastirma Dilimli) 100g — Best Grocery
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Ozyorem Kayseri Sliced Beef Pastrami (Dana Pastirma Dilimli) 100g

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Ozyorem Kayseri Veal Pastrami is produced with centuries-old Ozyorem experience, adhering to traditional methods. It is produced by salting beef, pressing, drying and coating with fenugreek. The production process is on average 20-25 days. This time may vary depending on the size of the meat. Fenugreek is a special blend. Blended with various spices. There is no colorant in any of our London Turkish market pastrami varieties.

Ozyorem Kayseri Veal Pastrami 100g

Sliced bacon can be eaten uncooked, or it can be fried in a pan alone or eaten as an egg with bacon by breaking eggs on it. You can consume Ozyorem Veal pastrami, which offers a practical London Turkish market service opportunity in its sliced form, as cold cuts for breakfast or use it for making toast. You can prepare delicious treats with this traditional flavour that goes well with pastries such as pizza, pancakes and pita. In addition, cooking dry beans, which is one of the indispensable tastes of traditional Turkish cuisine, with pastrami adds flavour to the flavour of dry beans.

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