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Nuhun Ankara Bucati Pasta (Firin Makarna) 500g

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Pasta is a semi-ready food product obtained because of mixing durum wheat semolina with water and drying it after giving the desired shape. Pasta is a food that can be stored for a long time, has a wide variety, is delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare and economical. That is why its consumption is so common. Pasta has a wide variety of nutrients. You can choose a natural London Turkish market product with your family and loved ones.

Nuhun Ankara Bucati Pasta 500g

Since pasta has low energy value and fat content, it does not make you gain weight. It is a complex carbohydrate. The glycemic index is a measurement of how quickly a food will raise its blood sugar level (blood [GI] glucose level) after consumption. Pasta has a glycemic index below 55%. In this way, the body does not gain weight. You can easily create a London Turkish market order on Best Grocery right now.

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