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No 35 Urla Nar Sulu Kuşburnu Marmelatı Ev Yapımı Doğal (Rose Hip Marmalade With Pomegranae Juice Homemade Natural) 250 Gr

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After the squeezing process is completed, our pomegranate juice meets our homemade rosehip marmalade. We can't think of a better meeting than this one that will warm you up on winter days. You can easily buy this additive and preservative-free product online from Turkish market shelves. You can consume it healthily for your family or loved ones' taste.

No 35 Urla Homemade Natural Rose Hip Marmalade with Pomegranate Juice 250 Gr

At the beginning of the benefits of rosehip marmalade, we can count that it has a very strong antioxidant feature. It is extremely useful in inflammatory ailments. It is very useful especially in relieving pain in joint disorders, calcifications and rheumatic disorders. However, since the contents of rose hips that are effective in such ailments do not dissolve in water, Turkish market rosehip should be consumed as marmalade, not as tea. Eating 3 spoons of rosehip marmalade a day is very helpful in relieving the symptoms seen in hepatitis B. In addition, by eating 2 or 3 spoons of rosehip marmalade for breakfast, you will be protected to the maximum extent from ailments such as flu, cold and flu, by creating a full protection shield for your body. Rosehip marmalade is used in European countries to reduce joint inflammation complaints. Studies in Europe have been extremely beneficial in knee, hip, osteoarthritis complaints. The complaints of the patients decreased and their need for painkillers decreased significantly.