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Nestle Damak Baklava Kare Cikolata 60 Gr

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As Nestlé Damak, the legendary love of chocolate and pistachio, we are introducing our chocolate Damak Baklava, which we offer a brand new Damak experience to Turkish market chocolate lovers as we leave behind 89 years, with a new commercial.

Nestle Damak Baklava Square Chocolate 60 G

Ingredients: White chocolate [sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, whey powder (dairy product), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural flavouring (vanilla)], pistachios (13%), baklava particles 12% [wheat flour, sugar, corn starch, butter (dairy product), glucose syrup, salt, flavouring].

In Damak Baklava, inspired by the traditional Turkish dessert baklava, we bring together soft white chocolate born from Nestlé's chocolate expertise, with lush and intensely delicious first-harvest pistachios and crispy Turkish market baklava pieces made from baklava dough. With an innovative step we have taken as Nestlé Damak, we invite consumers to create pleasant moments with their loved ones and to have a gourmet experience in chocolate by discovering the unique Damak Baklava flavour in which the perfect harmony is achieved in the new commercial.