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Mustafa Arslan Beyaz Sirkesi (White Vinegar) 500 ml

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Mustafa Arslan White Vinegar 500 ml, white vinegar, known as the soul of vinegar, is a product that you can use in many areas. You can obtain unique flavours by adding it to your meals, and you can purify your vegetables and fruits by using them while washing. It is as clear and transparent as water. You can get wonderful aromas by using it in your salads and meals. When boiling your Turkish grocery egg, add a tablespoon of boiling water. This way, your eggs will not crack during boiling.

Mustafa Arslan White Vinegar 500 ml

White vinegar, which is frequently preferred because it is a solution to different needs, has a wide range of uses to add sourness to dishes and sauces. By using these products in the kitchen, you can revitalize wilted vegetables and double the flavour of your meals by making sauces spicier. Organic white vinegar products also have important benefits for your body. These Turkish grocery products, which are used as a natural solution to common health problems such as blood sugar control, weight management and cholesterol balance, can support the treatment of physical ailments because they are antimicrobial. Products that are perfect for weeds sprouting in asphalt cracks also come to the fore in pet cleaning. You can relieve your pet dog or cat's itching with diluted vinegar.

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