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Mevlana Goran Ceylon 100 Tea Bags (Seylon Siyah Poset Cay)

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Considered the paradise of the world, Ceylon is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. Due to the climatic conditions of Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea has a different aroma and unique taste. Mevlana Plain Leaf Goran Tee Black Bulk Tea is packaged as rounded to the length of large leaves of Ceylon tea. Mevlana Plain Leaf Goran Tee Black Bulk Tea has large leaves and curly wires. It is also the first and only tea in the world that is free from dust with its special blending technique. With its distinctive aroma and slightly drinkable flavour, Mevlana Tea Turkey is one of the most preferred London Turkish market Ceylon teas. When you taste this unique flavour for the first time, you may regret that you have not met before.

Mevlana Sade Yaprak Cay Tea Bag 100 Packs

These special tea seedlings collected for Mevlana Tea are dried using natural methods in sterile and hygienic environments. Goran Tee Mevlana Plain Leaf Tea, in addition to being a completely consumer-oriented brand in order to offer natural and high quality Ceylon Tea to consumers in the most suitable conditions, also carries out environmentally friendly London Turkish market productions as friendly to our planet. Welcome to the world of natural and delicious Ceylon Tea with Mevlana Tea brand!

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