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Melis Pickled Baby Peppers (Biberiye) 720 cl

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Embark on a culinary journey that marries the aromatic allure of rosemary with the crisp goodness of pickles – introducing Melis Rosemary Pickles 720ml. A true delight for the senses, this innovative fusion combines the earthy essence of rosemary with the tangy crunch of pickled goodness, creating a London Turkish market product that stands as a testament to Melis' commitment to quality and innovation. Packed in a generous 720ml jar, Melis Rosemary Pickles elevate your dining experience with a burst of flavour that transforms every bite into a gourmet sensation.

What sets Melis Rosemary Pickles apart is the harmonious blend of fresh, handpicked cucumbers and the fragrant notes of rosemary. Carefully crafted to preserve the natural crunchiness of the pickles, this London Turkish market product is a culinary masterpiece that adds a sophisticated twist to your dishes. Whether paired with charcuterie, layered in sandwiches, or enjoyed on their own, Melis Rosemary Pickles bring a touch of culinary finesse to any occasion. Elevate your cooking with the infusion of rosemary's distinct aroma, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary gourmet experiences with Melis Rosemary Pickles 720ml.

Melis Rosemary Pickles 720 cl

Indulge your taste buds in the symphony of flavours that only Melis can deliver. With the convenience of a 720ml jar, you have ample supply to experiment with various Turkish market recipes, making Melis Rosemary Pickles a must-have for home cooks and culinary enthusiasts alike. Unleash a burst of freshness and sophistication in your kitchen with Melis Rosemary Pickles 720ml – where tradition meets innovation for a culinary experience like no other.






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