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Melis Edirne Cheese (Edirne Peyniri) 400g

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The best quality of Turkish white cheese from Melis is in England for you. Edirne cheese has a strong, satisfying and nutty flavour that stays on your palate longer. You can use this beautiful best supermarket cheese in sandwiches, salads or snacks. Enjoy Melis Edirne Cheese, a jewel from Turkey!

Melis Edirne Cheese 400g

This cheese is white in colour and soft and is a very popular product because of its flavour. Edirne White Cheese is a healthy food item due to its high protein and mineral content. In addition, the quality of milk produced due to the natural conditions of Edirne province positively affects the taste of best supermarket cheese. Edirne Cheese is a type of cheese that is frequently used in Turkish cuisine and can be used in the preparation of various dishes. In particular, Edirne White Cheese increases the taste of breakfasts and meals due to the high quality of the milk used in its production.

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