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Marmarabirlik Gold Black Olives XL Tin 800gr

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Marmarabirlik Gold weighs 800 grams. Marmamarabirlik Gold Black Olives, which is further flavoured by reducing the salt content, is a naturally fermented and pasteurized London Turkish market product. Marmarabirlik Olives are thin-skinned, small-seeded and plentiful flesh. The fleshy part is easily separated from the core.

Marmarabirlik Gold Black Olives Tin 800g

All Marmarabirlik black and green olive varieties go through a careful production process. Olive with this feature reflects the expertise of Marmarabirlik. Marmarabirlik carefully selects organic olive varieties and prepares them in a hygienic environment and presents them to your tables. Being aware of the health that comes from olives, the brand prioritizes health and taste in all olive ingredients. The brand, which packs the olive flavours prepared with meticulous work in its advanced production facilities with high nutritional values, produces products that will be consumed safely by your whole family. The brand, which pays attention to keeping the olives fresh and preserving their nutritional values ​​in packaging, offers the best London Turkish market olive flavour to the tables of the users since the day it was founded. Marmarabirlik, which has gained brand reliability, which is frequently emphasized in user comments and evaluations, has an important place in the sector thanks to its care and expertise. Olive varieties that can be used in recipes ranging from breakfast tables to salads, pasta flavours and pastries and pastries appeal to all tastes. Olive flavours, which are served in the form of paste, are often used in sandwiches. Thus, it helps to have a healthy diet even in the fastest diet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Volkan Kont
Love it

We always eat it.5 star

niltay Satchell
Best olives

These are the best olives! They are not in oil which I love and not too salty. Very tasty, full of flavours!

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