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Koska Quince Jam (Ayva Receli) 380g

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Koska, which always prioritizes technological developments and quality, enriches your breakfast tables with jam varieties. Jams produced from the combination of many different fruits are an option you can offer to your children to make them love breakfast. To start the day more energetic with Koska Quince Jam, place your order now at London Turkish market shelves, your favourite online shopping site in London!

Koska Quince Jam 380g

Quince jam, which has been used from the past to the present, is one of the most popular jam types in the Ottoman period. The jam variety, which contains many benefits of quince fruit, is produced organically. The freshest fruits are collected and put into the jam, mixed with a balanced sugar ratio and lemon juice or lemon salt, and filled into jars. The freshness of the fruits is one of the points to be considered as it will give a better taste to the jam. Quince jam obtained from the freshest fruits is put in jars especially for you. As Koska brand, we try to offer the best for you. Our London Turkish market jams in different sizes are produced in accordance with their needs. If you want to benefit from our jams for your needs, you can check the features of our products and order in various sizes on our online market.

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