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Koska Jam Strawberry (Cilek Receli) 380 gr

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Experience the Irresistible Flavour of Koska Strawberry Jam: Available at the London Turkish Market

Koska Strawberry Jam, packed in a delightful 380-gram jar, is a culinary delight loved by many for its intense fruity taste and smooth consistency. Discover this exquisite jam at the London Turkish market, where authenticity meets quality, offering a taste of tradition and freshness in every spoonful.

Crafted with Quality Ingredients

Made with care and attention to detail, Koska Strawberry Jam is crafted from the finest strawberries, carefully selected for their sweetness and flavour. With a simple yet refined recipe featuring glucose syrup, sugar, and pectin as a thickener, this jam allows the natural essence of strawberries to shine through. The addition of citric acid provides a subtle tartness that balances the sweetness, resulting in a perfectly balanced flavour profile.

Versatility for Every Palate

Koska Strawberry Jam is more than just a spread—it's a versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Spread it on freshly baked bread, swirl it into yogurt or oatmeal, or use it as a filling for pastries and cakes. Its vibrant colour and bold flavour make it a favourite for breakfast, snacks, and desserts, appealing to both kids and adults alike.

Explore Authentic Turkish Flavours

The London Turkish market is a bustling hub of activity, offering a wide range of authentic Turkish products, including Koska Strawberry Jam. Here, you'll find a vibrant selection of fruits, spices, and delicacies, all sourced from trusted producers and vendors. Whether you're seeking traditional ingredients for your favourite Turkish recipes or looking to discover new flavours, the Best Grocery has something for everyone.

Koska Strawberry Jam is a delightful addition to any pantry, offering a burst of fresh fruit flavour that brightens any meal. With its availability at the London Turkish market, experiencing the taste of authentic Turkish cuisine has never been easier. Whether you're a seasoned food enthusiast or a curious beginner, this jam invites you to indulge in the rich flavours of Turkey, right in the heart of London.

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