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Koska Carob Molasses (Keciboynuzu Pekmezi) 380 gr

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Koska 800 gr carob molasses is among the products with the most natural ingredients among health-promoting foodstuffs. These London Turkish market products, which have the richest ingredients especially for those who want to strengthen the immune system and contribute to bone development, are produced by Koska 100% naturally without any additives.

Koska Carob Molasses 800 g

The liquid food obtained from the carob fruit, the seeds of which have been removed, by cold pressing method without using high temperature and heat, is called carob molasses. Carob trees, which are the natural vegetation of the Mediterranean region countries, are a durable tree species that stays green in all seasons. It got this name because the fruit of the tree resembles the horn of a goat. This plant is also known as carob in Anatolia because of the carob flowers that have survived from the Roman period. The fruit of the tree is used both in food types that humans can consume and in animal feed. Carob, which is a long-lived tree species, is mostly used by making London Turkish market carob molasses. Carob is one of the most powerful food sources that nature has given us. It is made with carefully selected carobs of the Mediterranean region. It is molasses that is good for lung and asthma related problems, relieves smokers and gives energy with its high calcium rate.

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