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We deliver to all UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
We deliver to all UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

Hünnap St. John’s wort oil (Sari Kantaron Yagi) 100 ml

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Hünnap Sari Kantaron Yagi 100 ml

Hünnap St. John’s Wort Oil

A traditional and natural solution for treatment of anxiety and depression, St. John's Wort oil can be taken for a calmer and peaceful life. It calms down an individual with its antidepressant effect. It heals wounds.

It can be applied by massaging in headaches.

Massaging the muscles in your back with oil helps to reduce the muscle pain.

It is applied by rubbing on the aching area for rheumatic pain and muscle aches.

It can be used to stop bleeding, because St. John's Wort oil is a vasoconstrictor.

The antiseptic properties of the oil prevents the wound to catch an infection and have an inflammation. It helps wounds such as surgical scars to heal and dissappear in time. It helps to remove dead skin cells, as it allows the cells to regenerate very quickly.

It has also been determined that the active ingredient of the plant, hypericin, can be used in the treatment of AIDS, as it is effective against many viruses.

St. John’s Wort Oil

Ingredients: St. John’s Wort Oil (Obtained by maceration)

Can be taken orally or applied externally.

Recommended Consumption: We recommend individuals over the age of 11 to take one teaspoon per day. We recommend that people who use antidepressants to consult with their physicians before taking St. Jonh's Wort oil, as it may cause drug interaction.