Hatice Teyze Kalamata Green Olives (Kalamata Yesil Zeytin) 420 Gr — Best Grocery
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Hatice Teyze Kalamata Green Olives (Kalamata Yesil Zeytin) 420 Gr

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Kalamata olives are larger in size than other olive varieties. Kalamata olive Turkish market products have a unique taste in terms of aroma. Kalamata olive varieties are picked after ripening on the branch. Kalamata olives, which contain a small amount of oil, are generally preferred as table olives. In Turkey, it is generally grown in Kocaeli's Karamürsel, Gebze, Gölcük districts and around Bursa.

Hatice Teyze Kalamata Green Olives 420 Gr

Ingredients: Olive, salt, drinking water.

Some gourmets want the flesh of the olive, and the kalamata type is like a reward for them. Hatice Teyze Kalamata Turkish market green olives bring the coy attitude of the Aegean to the tables, both as a flavour that complements breakfasts and as an appetizer option. Hatice Teyze Kalamata Green Olives, which comes from the gardens of Hatice Teyze, located at an altitude of 1900 m, away from the asphalt, can even write a poem with a slice of white cheese next to it. Get your pens ready!



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