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Haribo Happy Cola 80g

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Haribo Happy Cola is a popular confectionery product produced by German confectionery manufacturer Haribo. This product is known for its shape and design that resembles cola bottles. Haribo is famous around the world for its variety of colourful and shaped best grocery stores candies, and Happy Cola is an example of this range.

Haribo Happy Cola 80g

Happy Cola usually has a soft, jelly-like texture and is cola-flavoured. The product is known as a popular snack among children and adults. Haribo's products are sold widely around the world and may be offered in different flavours and variations in different countries. Product ingredients, manufacturing processes and packaging design may change over time, so it is recommended that you consult Haribo's official sources or best grocery stores product labels to get the most up-to-date information. You can easily access Haribo products, each more delicious and sweet, from our online store Bestgrocery.co.uk. We wish all our customers healthy days and pleasant shopping...

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