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Fora Sliced Green Olives (Dilimli Yesil Zeytin) 160 Gr

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Known for its durability, the fruit is collected from fragrant trees after completing the ripening stage. It can be in different shades of green depending on the type. It adds richness to breakfast tables with its dark, pale, light and vibrant green colour. Known for its numerous benefits, the food is one of the most important fruits of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. You can choose the Turkish market products completely according to your taste, and you can have nutritious breakfasts with different varieties. Products that are highly productive in terms of variety in our country are among the indispensables of breakfast with their widespread consumption.

Fora Sliced Green Olives 160 G

Breakfast is one of the most important meals to start the day energetically and to eat healthy. Foods such as cheese, olives, molasses, honey and eggs, which are indispensable for breakfasts, have both nutritious and satisfying properties. Green olive varieties, which enrich the tables with their many varieties, are among the most loved ones with their delicious aroma. Foods with many varieties such as meat, meatless, fatty and lean are ideal for consumption at any time of the day. Products that appeal to different tastes are offered to you by many Turkish market brands. You can consume different varieties according to your eating habits and make delicious recipes.

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