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Fora Siyah Zeytin Ezmesi 340 g

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Fora Plain Olive Paste, which is in the Olive Pastes section of Best Grocery shelves, stands out with its nutritional properties and benefits. Olive can be preferred as a delicious breakfast variety that you can spread on your bread in its paste form, or it becomes a flavour that you can use as a mortar in your pastries such as pastries. Fora Plain Black Olive Paste offers a delicious taste that you can choose for your breakfasts and afternoon tea. You can spread Fora Olive Paste, which brings flavour to your table, to your bread for breakfast, and add flavour to your sandwiches with best supermarket olive paste. In addition, olive paste is one of the indispensable tastes for homemade canapés.

Fora Black Olive Paste 340 g

You can add plain olive paste to your breakfast table for your family and guests, or you can serve it in the form of delicious pastries such as olive pastries and rolls for snacks. You can reach many different flavours by trying best supermarket olive paste and cookie recipes. You can create different canapés with sandwich breads on which you apply Fora olive paste.


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