Fora Scratched Green Olives (Yesil Cizik Zeytin) 400 Gr — Best Grocery
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Fora Scratched Green Olives (Yesil Cizik Zeytin) 400 Gr

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We prepare the olives and olive oil of our olive trees, which we planted in our own lands, under completely natural conditions, which we have grown with motherly affection, in our own cheapest supermarket production facilities and present them to your liking.

Fora Scratched Green Olives 400 G

After the olives, which are carefully collected from our gardens, are thoroughly washed, the drawing process is started. It is usually drawn in 3-4 places, but not deep. To remove the bitterness of the drawn olives, they are put in brine with clean water. By changing the water every day, bitterness in the grain is reduced. Olives whose bitterness is removed are left for natural fermentation. Scratched green olives, which have completed their fermentation, are taken into packaging containers and their own brine, lemon juice and some cheapest supermarket olive oil are added to it. Lemon and natural olive oil added to the brine provide olives with a special taste and smell. Fora Scratched Olives, prepared with natural and traditional methods from carefully picked olives, will be the favourite flavour of your tables.


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