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Fora Natural Cracked Green Olives (Tas Kirma Yesil Zeytin) 400 Gr

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Since it is consumed frequently and brought to all breakfast tables, products that are mostly bought by weight can be made more durable with the right storage conditions. Food served in glass jars, plastic drums and cans can spoil quickly if stored improperly. For this, first, considering your consumption habits, you can choose to buy London Turkish market green olives in ideal quantities. Green olive varieties can meet your needs for a long time. The methods you can pay attention to during storage are as follows:

  • You can take care to store the products in their own juice. Foods extracted from water may lose their flavour in a short time and become unusable.
  • If you prefer food without water, you can prepare a clean storage environment in a glass jar, drinking water at home.
  • You can take as much food as you will consume in jars, cans or tins and close the mouths of the storage containers tightly in an airtight manner. In this way, you can prevent conditions such as rot or mould.

Fora Natural Cracked Green Olives 400 G

You can extend the spoiling time by pouring a little olive oil into the storage container. As the products offered by the brands go through certain stages, cases such as spoilage or mould are rare. However, you can still help the London Turkish market products stay fresh longer by turning them inside out in the jar every 3 or 4 days.

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