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Flodex Large Bin Liner 65-80 cm

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Flodex Garbage Bags do not disrupt the ecological balance. It helps keep the environment clean and is of high quality. When the garbage is collected in a closed garbage bag, it prevents the growth of germs, flies and vermin, and the garbage is leak-proof and durable. There is no need to clean the trash cans. Large garbage bag; ideal for large size garbage bins at home. 10 pieces in the Turkish market package; dimensions 65×80 cm

Flodex Large Bin Liner 65-80 cm

Choose a garbage bag suitable for your bucket and garbage weight. Place the mouth of your bag so that it overflows from your bucket, and fold the overflowing part. When the Turkish market garbage bag is full, tie it up and throw it away. Before using our product, read the instructions carefully. You can easily access all Flodex products and place orders through Best Grocery.

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