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Flodex Cleaning Sponge 8 pcs

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Flodex corrugated dish sponge is a cleaning material generally used to clean dishes in the kitchen. These cheapest supermarket sponges are generally designed to be soft on one surface and harder on the other. The soft side is used when cleaning dishes to remove grease and dirt without damaging their surface. The harder side is ideal for removing more stubborn stains and dried dirt.

Flodex Cleaning Sponge 8 pcs

The grooved design of grooved dish sponges helps them better absorb and retain water and cleaning agents. Additionally, they are often ergonomically designed so that you can grip them better with your hands. These types of cheapest supermarket sponges are generally durable and can be used for a long time. They can be used for cleaning dishes, cleaning kitchen counters and other surfaces, and for general cleaning tasks. It makes soft and hard surfaces suitable for a variety of cleaning needs.

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