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Falim Nane 1 Pack

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A substance called mastiche, obtained from the gum tree, goes through various processes and becomes a chewing gum product that we love to chew. In addition to the Turkish grocery chewing gum product produced as plain, there are also varieties produced from various fruits and plant mixtures. Falim Chios Mint is one of the most preferred among them.

Falim Mint Chewing Gum 1 Pack

Gum has many benefits. When chewing gum, the brain feels like it is working and produces new nerve cells. It also contributes to memory and intelligence. Since it increases the digestive secretions produced in the mouth, it also has a slight weakening effect. Falim Gum Mint, which is offered for sale in Turkish grocery packs in the Gum category, can be ordered from our online store at affordable prices.

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