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Falim Karpuz Aromali 5 pcs

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Falim 5 Pieces of Watermelon Flavoured Chewing Gum will be a great choice for those who love sweet gums. You will love the new Falim, which combines watermelon, one of the most popular Turkish market fresh flavours of summer, with chewing gum.

Falim Watermelon Flavoured Chewing Gum 5 pcs

Being among the pioneers of the sugar-free chewing gum industry, Falim appeals to a wide range of users with its many different models. People who do not like the taste of sugar-free chewing gum and are looking for a difference prefer flavoured products. Adding different fruits and plants to its ingredients, the brand produces delicious chewing gums. People who have difficulty chewing sugar-free gums may prefer flavoured Turkish market products. These chewing gums leave a sweet feeling despite being sugar-free. Among the flavoured products, fruit gums come to the fore. There are flavours such as watermelon, strawberry and forest fruit among the flavours of Falim fruit gum. From the moment it is chewed, the aroma begins to circulate in the mouth.

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